Spring 2022 Titles

  • All the Secrets of the World

    It’s 1981 in Sacramento, and thirteen-year-old Lorena Saenz has just been paired with Jenny Stallworth for the science fair by a teacher hoping to unite two girls from starkly different worlds. The unlikely friendship they form will draw their families into a web of secrets and lies, and into the dark heart of America’s criminal justice system.

  • The Odyssey

    Meet Ingrid, resident lifeguard, gift-shop girl, and manicurist on the gargantuan cruise ship she's called home for the past five years. After being chosen by the ship's enigmatic captain to join his mentoring program, Ingrid's life onboard starts to fall apart. But eventually, she will have to ask herself: how far is too far? A wickedly funny satire on modern life from the award-winning author of Supper Club.

  • Patricia Wants to Cuddle

    The contestants of a reality television dating show compete for love—and their lives—in this pulse-pounding and viciously funny fiction debut from the GLAAD Award–winning author of Real Queer America.