Sweet July Books

I am proud to announce the launch of Sweet July Books, a natural extension of the Sweet July brand. At Sweet July Books, we will publish fearless works of fiction and nonfiction that uplift diverse stories and help women navigate modern relationships and families. Sweet July Books will find and nurture new voices and ensure positive and meaningful representation of women of color. I can’t wait to get to work. 

- Ayesha Curry

Book Collection


 Sweet July Books is the latest arm of Sweet July, Ayesha Curry’s highly successful lifestyle brand. Sweet July works to uplift dynamic and inspiring artists and storytellers who are making a difference in their communities. Sweet July Books is a natural extension of that mission, an exciting opportunity to find and nurture new voices and  ensure positive and meaningful representation of women of color across Sweet July’s list.

Celestial Banquet

Roselle Lim

Roselle Lim’s Celestial Banquet is a high-stakes Chinese-folklore inspired YA fantasy about a cooking competition for the gods.

Love & Whiskey

Fawn Weaver

Love & Whiskey is a blend of memoir and history from Fawn Weaver that sheds light on the legacy of the first known Black whiskey master distiller.