Hillman Grad Books

Hillman Grad Books aims to discover new authors and highlight the beauty, nuance, and complexities of communities that have been overlooked for far too long.

- Lena Waithe

Book Collection


With Hillman Grad, Lena Waithe creates art that redefines the status quo. Hillman Grad Books publishes stories across genres that break boundaries, push culture forward, and highlight communities that have been overlooked for too long.

What I Must Tell the World

Jay Leslie

A moving picture book biography that captures the life of Lorraine Hansberry, the activist and acclaimed playwright of A Raisin in the Sun.

Ocean's Godori

Elaine U. Cho

An ambitious, big-hearted science fiction debut set in a world dominated by a Korean space agency.

How to Tell When We Will Die

Johanna Hedva

A timely and necessary essay collection examining systems of care and the ways our society both stigmatizes and profits from illness.