Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet

Samantha Allen

It’s the gig of a lifetime for this ghostwriter, except there’s a catch: the client, a closeted A-list actor finally ready to come out in his memoir, is an actual ghost.





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Sale date

September 10, 2024


8.3 x 5.5

About the Book

Adam Gallagher has knocked on thousands of doors. An ex-Mormon and almost-famous memoirist, he is used to sharing his life story with strangers. But this day, this house, is different. For it belongs to none other than Roland Rogers: Hollywood Hunk, and soon to be author. Roland has a story to tell, a decades-old secret to spill, and he’s decided that Adam is just the guy to help him do it.


Except there’s a problem. Roland Rogers is dead. Not in the metaphysical realm—if he focuses, he can summon enough energy to communicate via the kitchen speaker—but certainly in the physical, and he needs Adam to pen his story before his body is found frozen beneath the avalanche of snow that squashed it. That means one month, a hundred thousand words, no breaks.


Ghostwriting is hard enough, let alone when you’re dealing with a real ghost, and so it isn’t long before Roland’s idea of what his book should be clashes with Adam’s vision for what it could be.But the clock is ticking, the ice melting. And as more truths are told, both men soon discover that this experience is less of a coming out, and more of a coming home . . .


The sophomore novel from the beloved author of Patricia Wants to Cuddle, Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet is a witty and electric new rom-com for fans of Ashley Poston and Casey McQuiston.


“A bizarre and ultimately gratifying tale of an unlikely duo who find common ground . . . For those who share Allen’s fixation on celebrity culture, there’s plenty of fun to be had.”

- Publishers Weekly

“Surprising, funny, and downright weird in the absolute best way, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like this one. An unlikely romance for the ages that reminds us it’s never too late to form connections—and that we’re never alone.”

- Camryn Garrett, NAACP Image Award Nominated–author of Friday I'm in Love

Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet is at once delightfully bonkers and painfully poignant, an exploration of desire and the boxes we’re held in that will stay with me for a long time. One of the most entertaining and moving things I’ve ever read—I couldn’t put it down.”

- Anita Kelly, author of Love & Other Disasters

Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet is a wild romp through the graveyard of a writer’s dwindling career and a ghost’s hidden past. Only Samantha Allen could a write a book like this, one that is deeply moving, romantic, hilarious, and, at times, a little gross. Most of all, this book is FUN, so fun I couldn’t put it down. It made me want to come out all over again. It made me want to eat cheeseburgers in front of a lover. It made want to call everyone I admire. Readers will no doubt love this incredibly moving story that reminds us some secrets haunt us even after we’re dead.”

- Emme Lund, author of The Boy With A Bird in His Chest

“Samantha Allen has done it again. Charming, funny, and endlessly inventive, Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet is the most fun I’ve ever had reading about a ghost. It’s everything I want in a queer romance: witty, vulnerable, and horny as hell. I wish it was 1,000 pages longer just so I could spend more time with these delightful characters. Long live Roland Rogers.”

- Marisa Crane, author of I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

“Funny, gripping, and uniquely devastating, Roland Rogers Isn’t Dead Yet serves as a culturally poignant and romantic reminder that truth is powerful, love is timeless, and life is a boundless story just waiting to be written.”

- Emery Lee, award-winning author of Meet Cute Diary