On Thinking for Yourself: Instinct, Education, Dissension

Caitlin Flanagan

Seven essays that make the compelling case for coming to your own informed conclusions in an age of extremes. An Atlantic Edition, featuring long-form journalism by Atlantic writers, drawn from contemporary articles or classic storytelling from the magazine’s 165-year archive. 





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October 10, 2023


4.5 x 7.25

About the Book

Caitlin Flanagan’s two decades of celebrated reporting and commentary at The Atlantic span an array of subjectsfrom cancer to fraternities, abortion to scammersbut always return to one central question: What happens when we suppress our critical instincts and shut our ears to opposing opinions and competing facts? With poise, humor, and an analytical acumen unlike any other working journalist, this collection of deep reporting and cultural commentary encourages readers to dismantle their echo chamberswhether they be social media feeds or lecture hallsand embrace disagreement 


“Caitlin Flanagan is known for her willingness to engage thorny subjects in unconventional ways. Her ability to set aside preconceived notions and objectively engage a subject is on full display in On Thinking for Yourself: Instinct, Education, Dissension. . . . A great addition to the ongoing discourse around the value of perspective-taking, perfect for those hoping to elevate the approach to conversations about difficult subjects.”

- Sara Beth West, Shelf Awareness