On Heroism

McCain, Milley, Mattis, and the Cowardice of Donald Trump

Jeffrey Goldberg

From the editor in chief of The Atlantic comes a collection of essays examining Donald Trump’s corrupted notions of American “heroism” and “cowardice.” An Atlantic Edition, featuring long-form journalism by Atlantic writers, drawn from contemporary articles or classic storytelling from the magazine’s 165-year archive. 





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September 3, 2024


7.3 x 4.5

About the Book

From the editor in chief of The Atlantic comes a grave study of Donald Trump’s trenchant disdain for military personnel, a preoccupation that reveals the extent to which Trump is grossly unfit to serve. Jeffrey Goldberg draws upon decades of his own reporting, including key interviews with top officials such as John McCain, former Defense Secretary James Mattis, and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley. In doing so, Goldberg paints a portrait of a president whose impulse is to dismiss acts of heroism in pursuit of dangerously undemocratic processes and ideals.


“The editor-in-chief of The Atlantic gathers five essays on key figures from the modern Republican Party who have exemplified—or utterly distorted—the meaning of patriotism . . . as the author showcases the sometimes maligned heroes who have battled to save the U.S. from the growing rot within, he also reveals the frightening ease with which democracy can be undermined by those unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to protect it . . . Candid, timely reading.”

- Kirkus Reviews