Blessed Water: A Sister Holiday Mystery

Margot Douaihy

Returning to New Orleans with my favorite punk-rock nun is such a thrill. Douaihy blends edgy counterculture with sincere faith, violence and nihilism with genuine yearning for human connection, all in one hell of a mystery.

- Gillian Flynn, Gillian Flynn Books

Sister Holiday is back with a newly minted PI apprentice certificate, a twisty mystery to solve, and something to prove in this fast-paced, blistering follow-up to Scorched Grace.





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Sale date

March 12, 2024


6 x 9

About the Book

Tattooed from her neck to her toes and sporting a gold tooth as sharp as her wisecracks, Sister Holiday struggles to stay on the righteous path. Never one to make things easy for herself, she’s committed to taking her permanent vows with the Sisters of the Sublime Blood and joining former fire inspector Magnolia Riveaux’s latest venture, Redemption Detective Agency—both in service of satisfying her eternal quest for answers.

When Sister Holiday and Riveaux set out to bust a philandering husband, they instead find the body of a priest floating in the swollen Mississippi river, and with it, Redemption’s next case. It’s significantly more gruesome than their original mission, but Sister Holiday feels called on by God to hunt down the murderer and keep her community safe.


As a torrential rainstorm drowns New Orleans for three harrowing days over Easter weekend, Sister Holiday and Riveaux follow the clues. With the stakes rising alongside the relentless floodwaters, our favorite punk nun–sleuth throws herself into the deep end yet again.


A lacerating and lyrical plunge into obsession, deception, and the questions that hold us captive, Blessed Water is a lights-out mystery that will leave you breathless.


“Readers who first encountered Sister Holiday in Scorched Grace will be eager to ride along on her second adventure. But even series newbies can jump right in, the water is . . . everywhere. . . . The sleuthing begins, made more interesting by the fact that the former punk-rocking, cigarette-sneaking Sister Holiday is not the typical recruit of the Sisters of the Sublime Blood order. She’s young, queer, abundantly tattooed, and haunted by a troubled past . . . which makes this hard-boiled nun with secret warm, fuzzy feelings an amateur sleuth with original, fresh appeal.”

- Booklist

“Margot Douaihy follows up an extraordinary debut with an even more exceptional sophomore novel! She combines a poet’s soul and an artist’s eye with a powerful and strong authorial voice to create layered, complex characters involved in a story so well paced you cannot put it down. I am already hungry for her next book!”

- Greg Herren, Lambda Award–winning author of Death Drop and the Scotty Bradley Mysteries

“My favorite PI series transport you to a setting unlike any other and feature unforgettable, flawed, and diverse characters in central roles. Margot Douaihy’s latest, Blessed Water, is all these things and more, bringing readers deeper into Sister Holiday’s complicated world with confidence and lyricism. A potent blend of dark noir and the travails of a tainted knight detective, Blessed Water is a one-way ticket to a New Orleans you could only imagine. A poised and unique novel.”

- Alex Segura, bestselling author of Secret Identity

“Water weeps from the clouds, streaks the faces of the grieving, and revives a fragile faith. The writing in Blessed Water is utterly delightful. By the time the flood receded, and the case was solved, I’d already begun yearning for the next Sister Holiday Mystery.”

- Cheryl A. Head, author of Time’s Undoing and the Anthony-nominated Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series