A Quitter’s Paradise

Elysha Chang

A QUITTER’S PARADISE is a glorious, pondering, heartbreaking, extremely funny, VERY special book. In Eleanor Lin and her family, Elysha Chang has created captivating characters, who continuously surprised, delighted, and intrigued me—so much so that I didn’t want to leave them. The stories of their lives are at once intimate and universally resonant. It’s truly the perfect inaugural book for SJP Lit and I couldn’t be more honored to be working with the extraordinarily talented Elysha Chang.

- Sarah Jessica Parker , SJP Lit

A poignant, heartrending, and wryly humorous debut novel about a young woman struggling to cope with her mother’s death, whose story becomes intertwined with those of her family, charting decades of their movements from the military villages of Taipei to the cloistered suburbs of New Jersey—navigating grief and loss, tenuous family ties, and the extent to which we are willing to guard the secrets of our loved ones, even from ourselves.