Our Mission

To spark meaningful cultural conversations, reach a devoted new audience of readers… and upend the bestseller list.

Our Story

Zando offers a new model to connect inspiring authors to the audiences they deserve—and helps readers find new books to love. We work with a select group of beloved public figures, platforms and institutions, publishing a carefully chosen slate of books that reflect those partners’ authentic passions and interests.

Our Team

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Molly Stern

Founder, CEO

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Emily Bell

Head of Editorial

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Tiffany Liao

Executive Editor

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Quynh Do

Senior Editor

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Sareena Kamath

Associate Editor

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Caolinn Douglas

Assistant Editor & Executive Coordinator

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Maya Raiford Cohen

Publishing Assistant

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Sarah Schneider

Managing Editor

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Nathalie Ramirez

Director of Marketing & Imprint Partnerships

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Chloe Texier-Rose

Director of Publicity

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Sierra Stovall

Director of Rights

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Dennis Lee

Head of Finance & Operations

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Andrew Rein

Head of Sales & Retail Content Development

Zando is backed by an independent studio that shares its values: SISTER, which was founded in 2019 by Elisabeth Murdoch, Stacey Snider, and Jane Featherstone to support visionary storytelling.

Zando is distributed by Two Rivers, an Ingram company.